World Para Athletics Championships July, 2017


JULy, 2017


It is an unforgettable experience to be part of 'Team London' - the Mayor's volunteering programme. 

World Para Athletics Championships took place at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park at the London Stadium. Together with other volunteers, we had responsible tasks. People count on you! Being a volunteer is an accountable duty. We provide invaluable support for organizers, and we are a huge part of creating fantastic, warm atmosphere! 

During the event, I've met people with high energy, who walk off their every-day life to create an incredible team spirit. Together we were trying our best to help deliver the best event possible. 


Volunteer task: Medal bearer!

As a Medal-Bearer,  my task was to support in areas such as Medal Ceremonies, Sports Presentations. I was doing my best in making athletes feel comfortable! I talked to them, asked warm questions, congratulated for success and hard work! 

It was such an excellent opportunity to meet new friends from all over the world, have fun and promote volunteering!


How is it to be in the same room with Gold medalists?

Yes, I was allowed to talk with the athletes. I was even encouraged to speak with them and make them feel good! I could have asked as many questions as I wanted. One of the was directed to the Gold medalist in Men's High Jump T44 - Maciej Lepiato. 

Are you happy with the result Maciej?, I asked.                                                                

 It could have had a better result - Maciej answered back with athlete's cravings.

This persistence is what makes a great athlete - I thought! One needs to always strive for better results. It is not about the Gold Medal! It is about a journey through which you go every day. Determination,  learning from failures and a sense of purpose!  Each drop of sweat and every minute spent on a workout are the factors that make great athlete - the greatest!


How is it to bear medals in front of millions of people watching you on a TV across the world?

It is exciting and stressful! Each live event has everything planned, and if something is not going right... it's very worrying. 


How to become a Runner (volunteer)?

I applied for a voluntary position in October 2016.  In November I received an email with an interview invitation. It contained an individual and group tasks. During 1-2-1 interview they ask you about your free time, hobby, why should they choose you and what you will bring to the London Team.  They also ask you what role would you like be responsible for during the Championships. One group task was to sort out athlete's pictures to their names, achievements, and records. Like a puzzle. It was demanding, but it was fun!  Later on, in March they contacted me and offered a place as Medal-Bearer. Exactly what I wanted to do! Later on, we had meetings and training.

I have great memories of volunteering during World Para Athletics Championships in 2017. I was right at the heart of the action! It was an honor to be part of such responsible task. 

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