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19th August 2016

Moving into new house in London.

On 19th August 2016,

I moved into my new house in London in Brent Cross. I rented a room with my polish friend Kasia, who was doing a gap year. We lived together with 4 Italians and 1 British guy.

Italians are terrifically great cooks! Yes, I confirm. All of them.

During the first weeks in London, they arranged a night out. We went to a fancy  Hotel bar and drank cocktails. It was the most expensive cocktail in my life. I was already broke and trying to survive, but I spent £20 on one fancy cocktail. You only live once...  (not so wise, I know)


Flavio – Italian chef, 30-years old, one of the most lovely, passionate and hard-working chefs I’ve ever met. He owned his own very successful restaurant in Italy…until his friend deceived him, took all the money and moved out to another country.

Give him random ingredients which you have no idea what to do with, and he will create a masterpiece, Michelin Star meal out of it.

In London, Flavio worked at the Hilton Hotel as a high-ranked Chef. He loves cooking and is very passionate about new tastes and techniques. He has been traveling around the world for the past few years to discover new flavors and cooking techniques.

At the moment, he is vegan and works in a well-known ‘FED by water’ vegan restaurant in London.

Here is Flavio at work:                                                  


Our first ‘big’ dinner together – Flavio asked me, - Nicola, have you ever tried Italian pasta? But not pasta from shop, hand-made, Italian pasta. Would like to learn how to make one?

Without thinking, I said of course yes! Here is our hand-made pasta below.


Flavio has worked with the best Chefs in Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, Brazil, Argentina, Chile and other countries. He knows how to do the best sushi – how to prepare rice, what kind of rice is needed, how long should you keep it boiling and how to treat rice. Each ingredient he treats like a baby.


He taught me so many things. While he was cooking, I was making notes and asking questions. He answered each question very carefully.


Behold our hand-made vegan sushi.



I don’t need to mention Italian cuisine as I have no words for what I have tasted! Absolutely the best food I have ever tried and the most magnificent – looking food!



Spaghetti with Italian wine, asparagus, tomatoes, Italian ham and Italian cheese is my top! Why? Because it’s easy contains wine and tastes magnificent an I need only a pan to make it (usually they were using so many complicated techniques, e.g., making foam from any food you can imagine and then eating that foam – I will remember this for the rest of my life. Eating foam that tastes like shrimp, or tomatoes – Yummy).

Famous foam below.


There was an ‘ Italian family’ dinner at 11 pm twice a week. Even though Flavio worked a lot, he always had time to prepare an excellent meal for 7+ people!

We were all helping him to cut food, wash dishes and doing what he wanted us to do. Bon appetite! There was always good Italian wine and jaw-dropping, mouth-watering food. After the main meal - dessert! Always! Again, it was made with crazy tools and using special techniques.



We also made magic bubbles out of cocktails. As you eat them, they just melt in your mouth. Pictures below:

 Borrowed picture from Flavio's Facebook profile

Borrowed picture from Flavio's Facebook profile


More of Flavio’s food art:






Despite the fact, smoking was not allowed in our house; you could have smelled weed every day. My Italian friends smoked marijuana in the morning, afternoon and evening. I believe they tried to kill the feeling of anxiety, stress, and homesickness that way. Isn’t it a never-ending cycle?

One day, I came back home in the evening, went to the kitchen and noticed cookies. I ate two of them.  I came back to my room, laid down on my bed, and instantly fell asleep in my clothes. The next day I woke up and I found it uncommon.

‘Nicola, have you tried the cookies in the kitchen yesterday?’ – Stefano asked.

Hm…- I wondered why he asked.

Nicola, have you tried the cookies we made yesterday? – Matteo – Stefano’s friend asked me the next day.

‘Suspicious… ‘-I thought.

After two days, they told me they had made an afternoon English tea with weed cookies.

Moreover, there is one particular picture in my memory that I will never forget. One time, when I came back home in the evening, I noticed two suspiciously looking black guys, my housemates and their colleagues around the table in the kitchen. On this table, wash huge amount of weed. All table was covered with weed.

I looked at Stefano with my terrified eyes and walked away.

Since that time, I started to consider looking for a new house to live in.

But they also had cool friends, who taught me how to play poker. Despite the fact the picture below looks creepy, we had so much fun!


Flavio’s Instagram with his magnificent food posts:

Flavio Bardelli:  @flaviobardelli


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