First obstacles #throwback

October 2016 - London, UK

Independent life obstacles.

We pay for the room biweekly -- leave money in the apartment, the company comes, takes the money, signs a paper and goes out. Nothing new - until today.   

One of the company’s official came, signed all the papers in each room and went to the kitchen to check if the amount money is correct.

He checked, went out and came back an hour later.

He said he was missing an envelope with £1200 inside and someone from our house must have stolen it. He claimed that if we were not going to give that money back, we would be forced to leave the house the next day. All of us.

How was it possible? He signed each document, and we had proof that he took the money.

I thought it was a joke.


They came next day and asked for money. We showed then signed documents, but they were still convinced someone from our house had taken money.

2nd day. They came again with two few big men. They started to scare us and threaten that we will all be thrown out.

It started becoming dangerous and very stressful.

3rd day. They came and changed the door's code.

4th day. The scary guys returned with a van, went to Flavio’s room, took his things (electronics and clothes) and put them inside the truck. Luckily, Jessica (housemate) came back from work on time and aggressively pulled Flavio’s things away from them.

She was in shock, and she could barely speak. Jessica called Flavio, told him what happened, and she announced him she was in danger.

Flavio called the police instantly, but as long as there is no life danger, they are not going to come. Ridiculous.

Flavio came back from work fast as he could.

When he arrived, the gorillas from the real-estate agency were no longer there.

Stefano changed the code in the lock so that they couldn’t come inside.

Three housemates (including Flavio) took their stuff and moved out to one of their friend’s house instantly. Lucky them.

So now, we are only 4 in the house. Me, Kasia, Jessica, and Stefano.


5th day. They came back. The intruders were trying to come inside our house when they realized they couldn't --  door’s code has been changed.

Jessica was alone at home. She took days off from work. Again.

40 mins later, their coworkers arrive with a screwdriver. After breaking the lock, they managed to get inside, forcing us to give them their money back.

Jessica was shaking in fear. She called Flavio again. He called the police. This time, he said there was a life-threatening danger.

Finally, the police had arrived and met the company's gorillas.

They told them to left us alone.

What is more, they said nothing could have been done regarding our problem. In spite of the fact we informed the policemen that the real estate company is fake, they were not able to deal with it.

6th day. They finally left us alone.

We didn't want to live in this house anymore and started to look for another place to rent.


At that time, Kasia had to go to Poland. I had exams and job at the same time. A lot of pressure on me.

Luckily, after few days, I managed to find an even better place to stay. 12 mins by walk from the previous house. Ready to rent from 1st of November.

This time we rented a room from a private person. Still not entirely legal, but didn’t seem as shady as the previous company. We paid the rent through a bank account, so we felt much safer.

Summing up, all our house – 7 people moved out somewhere else.

Don’t rent a room from OneRoom ( They are fishy.

Beware when a real estate company asks you to leave money in your room every two weeks.

You had better spend more time looking for a room than taking the first satisfying room.


Documents below (I'm sorry for the quality) :

 Our fishy contract with OneRoom

Our fishy contract with OneRoom

 Money confirmation document

Money confirmation document

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