Huge unusual architecture. Downtown Seattle.

Huge unusual architecture. Downtown Seattle.

Seattle is going on a list on one of the cities I would love to live in one day! I can't wait to go back again. The mountains, the water, the people and infinite things to do in Seattle. I and my boyfriend both couldn't believe in the fact that people in Seattle are so frindly, so truly helpful and cheerful with a real smile. There's definitely a vibe of "live and let live" which is really cool, you can let your freak flag fly!

Did you know that Seattle gets on average of 158 days of sun? That's only 43%! Sounds like an absurd but it's totally worth going on an adventure!

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What I'll cover in this article:

1) Pike Place Fish Market
2) Explore Capitol Hill
3) Bruce Lee's grave
4) Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Visitor Center
5) Starbucks Reserve Roastery & Tasting Room
6) Museum of POP Culture
7) Local Underground and sky trains!
8) Space Needle
9) Seattle Great Wheel
10) Drink a Coffee at Microsoft HQ
11) Amazon Building  HQ
12) Admire the view from Facebook office.
13) Seattle Antiques market
14) Eat local Oyster
15) Uh-oh, hiking in the rain!
16) Lime Biking!

1)    Pike Place Fish Market 



Pike Place market is a must! Enjoy fresh fish being thrown over your head, fantastic flavor of the fruits, variously shaped vegetables, beautiful flowers and free food samples! And of course, take a picture in front of the Public Market Sign!

2)    Explore Capitol Hill 


Fancy hipster drink at Unicorn Bar? Feeling like singing in japanese? Are you a lover of indie shops, trendy second-hands, and carnivals? Capitol Hill is the perfect place to explore and swirl around wild, original stores!

3)    Bruce Lee's grave 



Show your respect to Martial Artist and Film Star Bruce Lee and his son Brandon and at their gravesites in Volunteer Park.

4)    Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Visitor Center 

 Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Visitor Centre.

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Visitor Centre.

Take an inspiring interactive journey that discovers innovations and inventions that are helping to create a better world. It is a very moving experience as you walk through the displays and see the things that the foundation has done and is continuing to do to help people around the world. It isn't possible to not be personally motivated to do something ourselves to help others. Thank you, Bill & Melinda Gates for your giving thoughtfully to improve our world! Very informative, not only about the Foundation's work around the world but also about contemporary issues and potential solutions! It's free and public tour starts at 2 pm!

Did you know that Warren Buffet donated 3.17B to this foundation?

5)    Starbucks Reserve Roastery & Tasting Room 

 Starbucks reserve roastery & tasting room.

Starbucks reserve roastery & tasting room.

 Try apple coffee with whiskey (on the left)! 

Try apple coffee with whiskey (on the left)! 

 Cold brew coffee.

Cold brew coffee.

Have you ever wondered how does the first original Starbucks store since 1971 look? Jump on Pike street where you will experience Starbuck's unreasonable passion for all things coffee sharing the journey from farm to cup.

6)    Museum of POP Culture


Once known as the Experience Music Project, the Museum of Pop Culture features everything from music, classic movies to science fiction. It even contains the Science Fiction and Fantasy Hall of Fame where you can travel alongside the legendary Jimmy Hendrix and feel androgynous alien rock star, David Bowie. You will go on a virtual trip to the Indie game revolution, and try your hidden talents in the sound lab, where you can feel the blues, explore the tools of rock 'n' roll through electric guitars, drums, samplers, mixing consoles, and more. I spent there around 3 hours! You can't imagine how much fun I had!

7)    Local Underground and Sky trains! 

 Bus & train tunnel.

Bus & train tunnel.

 Sky train, Seattle.

Sky train, Seattle.

No journey is done unless you take a ride in the local public transportation! Buses that give you a ride underground? Sky trains? Experience it in Seattle!

Personally, when I noticed buses underground I was quite shocked. About sky trains I've already heard in Singapore but buses underground? Never!

8)    Space Needle

 Space needle

Space needle

Seattle's most recognizable landmark where you can enjoy the beautiful view and eat in a lovely restaurant.

9)    Seattle Great Wheel



Hop on for a quick ride and photo opportunities of the skyline and water.

10)    Drink a Coffee at Microsoft HQ


Visit the east side of town in Redmond to see where the global input takes place.

11)    Amazon Building  HQ



Take a quick walk by to see where the giant of online retail lives.

12) Admire the view from Facebook office.

Facebook office has amazing locations and views in every big city.

 Facebook office view.

Facebook office view.

 Facebook office view.

Facebook office view.

13)    Seattle Antiques market

Go shopping in the past right next to the Seattle's wheel!


14)    Eat local Oyster

Shuck yum! Shuck your own oyster! Seattle is famous for its fresh seafood and mouth-melting taste. It was the best oyster in my life! Yummy!

15)    Uh-oh, hiking in the rain!



No rain can destroy a day in Seattle. Hiking in the rain in fun. It's an unforgettable moment when you have the possibility to stop and smell the rain and hear the surrounded forest's breathing. Enjoy this peaceful and calming moment to collect your thoughts. Focus on your breath and clear your mind.

16)    Lime Biking!



Try local bikes! It's so easy to get and for free.

Lime biking - first ride for free, scan the QR code and take a trip around the city. Next ride costs only 1$, athough you can share the Lime code with your friend and both of you receive 3 free rides! Yay!

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Have you ever been to Seattle?

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Do you know any cool secret places?

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